Prosthetics not future, but now

YouTube voorvertoningsafbeelding

In this video you see the advance the company Steeper made with prostetic arms, the BeBionic. It explains some of the technology and algorithm in the hands. Interesting is the discussion in the end if they are ‘enhanced’. We still need to develop this technology further (improve the own human hand function) to call a prostetic enhanced in my opinion. Mainly development on areas as sensing, spatial awareness and controlling more degrees of freedom would be helping the user adopting the arm.

Not choosing for imitating looks

As users will adopt the prostetics in general public, the looks will also play an important role in the marketing of prostetics. The awareness it creates will stimulate the positive view on prostetics. According to the user in the video, ‘there’s no more hiding or trying to fool anyone with having two hands’. Having it look different than an imitating hand will not help the user with the speedy revision of the body image just after amputation. But there’s more to develop to